How much could you earn staking?

The calculator below will allow you to determine the lucrative staking rewards on Orion Protocol, depending on several parameters that are explained below the calculator.

Please note, there is no minimum to stake.


Parameters explained

  • Protocol Daily Volume: This is the expected amount of transactional volume that Orion Protocol has daily. What makes Orion different to other aggregators/exchanges is that their protocol volume includes volume from flagship product, Orion Terminal, combined with the volume from all other DeFi products (including Liquidity Boost Plugin, DEX Kit, Enterprise Trade Widget, and Launchpad Liquidity). Some of these solutions will already be generating revenue prior to staking launch: ORN holders could yield huge staking rewards from our B2B products alone since all transactions from B2B products are executed via our Brokers. 
  • Total ORN Staked: The current amount of ORN staked on Orion Protocol. When main net staking is live, this number will display the live amount of ORN staked on the Protocol (current circulating supply: 20 million, of which ~12 million is staked).
  • Your ORN Staked: The amount of ORN you want to stake on Orion Protocol. Please note, there is no minimum to stake.
  • ORN Market Price: The market price of ORN to determine the USD value of your stake. As the volume increases, consider increasing ORN Market Price to avoid an unrealistic APY.
  • Lock ups: Rewards are compounded daily if you choose to receive them in ORN, and will be distributed to your stake automatically. Stakers can opt for no lock up, 7 day lock up, or 1 month lock up, with the APY increasing with the lock up time.


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